Finally had time to start Week 9 course work this week

Finally I have managed to find the time this week to actually sit down and start working on the week 9 learning path for this course!! Between multiple assignments being due on the same day, stressing about professional placement (which I only just found out about 4 days ago…..and I start in under a week), coming down with the flu and having my son sick resulting in an emergency hospital trip…lets just say I am ready to curl up in a ball and sleep for a million years! I must say I am super relieved to know that I only have 3 more assignments to knock over and that is Semester 1, 2015 finished for me!!! Once this semester is finished I will be be rewarding myself with some well deserved early nights and catching up on a book or two that has absolutely nothing to do with uni……then I will have to start packing my house up ready to move, which will be happening a week into the start of Semester 2……another rolling start….


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