Week 9 Learning Path done and dusted!!!

So after spending just under 2 days working through the Week 9 Learning Path, I am happy to report that I have finished it 🙂 YAY!!!! **Happy Dance** I still have Week 10 to start and finish as well as Week 11 which will mean I have officially caught up on all course work for EDC3100 and only another two subjects to catch up on…haha.

I must admit I am super, super thankful that we do not have to try and keep up with course work as well as assignments whilst on Professional Placement. I could not imagine anything worse to contribute to the ever increasing stress levels. I swear I am going to be grey or bald by the time I graduate…

I am personally really struggling with finding the positives of ICTs lately….my internet has been all over the place making it nearly impossible to get any study done at all at a time that it is probably most crucial…..I guess sometimes it is more of a hindrance than a help…….


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