Connect.ed learning……

Somehow I have managed to find the time to start the Week 10 Learning path, whilst also starting my placement this week. I have just finished off the Connect.ed modules on the Cybersmart portal that are used to help support cybersafety education needs. Here is my certificate of completion. I must say that I actually quite enjoyed completing the four modules as well as participating with the online simulations. It was definitely an eye opener as to just how young children are starting to experience cyber bullying and peer pressure through social media. Bullying is something that is becoming more widespread throughout schools and is easily missed as majority of it happens online and children often choose not to discuss this with anyone as they think it will blow over. I have definitely taken information and resources away from these modules.

If you have some spare time, the Cybersmart website is absolutely fantastic and provides a lot of information in regards to the different forms of bullying, preventative measures and resources to use for specific age groups.


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