Prac is nearly coming to a close….

So with the end of prac just around the corner and assignments coming out of my ears I thought I should most probably write a blog! Haven’t been on here since my second day of placement. I am still loving my prac! My mentor is AMAZING!!! She is a world of knowledge and always has suggestions or ideas…..and resources galore! I have been flat out planning and teaching both Maths and Science as well as including English in my last week…..I am exhausted!!! Spent nearly 4 hours working on a resource for Maths making Coin Booklets for the children…can’t wait to teach my last two Maths lessons next week. The students love anything that involves cutting, gluing or coloring in!! The joys of working with Preppies and Year 1’s.

I have found some awesome ideas and resources on google and have found the following websites useful: Studyladder, Teacher Pay Teachers and Pinterest, just to name a few.

Will be adding more links in the coming weeks as I finish up my placement and start and finish Assignment 3 for EDC3100, have 2 other major assignments to get out of the way first 🙂

Hoping that everyone enjoyed their placements 🙂


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