Prac is nearly coming to a close….

So with the end of prac just around the corner and assignments coming out of my ears I thought I should most probably write a blog! Haven’t been on here since my second day of placement. I am still loving my prac! My mentor is AMAZING!!! She is a world of knowledge and always has suggestions or ideas…..and resources galore! I have been flat out planning and teaching both Maths and Science as well as including English in my last week…..I am exhausted!!! Spent nearly 4 hours working on a resource for Maths making Coin Booklets for the children…can’t wait to teach my last two Maths lessons next week. The students love anything that involves cutting, gluing or coloring in!! The joys of working with Preppies and Year 1’s.

I have found some awesome ideas and resources on google and have found the following websites useful: Studyladder, Teacher Pay Teachers and Pinterest, just to name a few.

Will be adding more links in the coming weeks as I finish up my placement and start and finish Assignment 3 for EDC3100, have 2 other major assignments to get out of the way first 🙂

Hoping that everyone enjoyed their placements 🙂

My 2nd day of placement finished

I absolutely LOVE placement!! It makes me so much more excited knowing I have chosen the right career path. I always stress to the point of making myself sick prior to placement beginning, however seem to settle in quite fast and feel at ease. Jumped into my first teaching session today with show and tell, modeled writing, maths and science with my Prep’s and Year 1’s. Well they certainly gave me a run for my money not even 2 minutes into the session…..and of course I had the principal, my USQ liaison and 2 school auditors observing me!!! Talk about embarrassing! I turned around and re-gathered myself, and started thinking about behaviour techniques I could implement. I (think) I successfully turned the lesson around and managed to finish up the science lesson with hardly any hiccups along the way. So my night so far has consisted of researching more behaviour techniques and more effective fast finishers activities to keep the children engaged. Definitely learnt something from today and will be something I carry onto my other placements with me. I can’t really complain about the behaviour though as it is something that rarely occurs and the children really are great! In fact the whole school is great! Hope all the other Pre-Service Educators are enjoying their professional placements as well, I look forward to reading a lot more about everyone’s experiences.

Connect.ed learning……

Somehow I have managed to find the time to start the Week 10 Learning path, whilst also starting my placement this week. I have just finished off the Connect.ed modules on the Cybersmart portal that are used to help support cybersafety education needs. Here is my certificate of completion. I must say that I actually quite enjoyed completing the four modules as well as participating with the online simulations. It was definitely an eye opener as to just how young children are starting to experience cyber bullying and peer pressure through social media. Bullying is something that is becoming more widespread throughout schools and is easily missed as majority of it happens online and children often choose not to discuss this with anyone as they think it will blow over. I have definitely taken information and resources away from these modules.

If you have some spare time, the Cybersmart website is absolutely fantastic and provides a lot of information in regards to the different forms of bullying, preventative measures and resources to use for specific age groups.

Week 9 Learning Path done and dusted!!!

So after spending just under 2 days working through the Week 9 Learning Path, I am happy to report that I have finished it 🙂 YAY!!!! **Happy Dance** I still have Week 10 to start and finish as well as Week 11 which will mean I have officially caught up on all course work for EDC3100 and only another two subjects to catch up on…haha.

I must admit I am super, super thankful that we do not have to try and keep up with course work as well as assignments whilst on Professional Placement. I could not imagine anything worse to contribute to the ever increasing stress levels. I swear I am going to be grey or bald by the time I graduate…

I am personally really struggling with finding the positives of ICTs lately….my internet has been all over the place making it nearly impossible to get any study done at all at a time that it is probably most crucial…..I guess sometimes it is more of a hindrance than a help…….

Biggest Challenges on Professional Experience: Then and Now…..Week 9 Learning Path Activity

As part of the Week 9 Learning Path we have been asked to post in the forum the top 2 challenges/problems/mistakes you have faced or made on prior Professional Experiences and the top 2 fears/challenges you have about your EDC3100 Professional Experience.

It took me a little while to think about this and these are what I came up with:

My top 2 challenges/problems/mistakes I have made during previous placements are:

1: Challenge – learning how to use an Interactive White Board for the first time to a science lesson to Preppies/Year 1’s

2: Mistake: Not thinking my lessons through thoroughly especially when planning appropriate activities for early finishers.

My top 2 fears/challenges for EDC3100 placement are:

1: Fear: Not effectively incorporating ICTs into my lessons

2: Challenge: Planning lessons, keeping up with study, completing assignments, learning about C2C’s and still having time for my son.

I am hoping that I can conquer these fears and challenges before commencing my professional placement next week.

Finally had time to start Week 9 course work this week

Finally I have managed to find the time this week to actually sit down and start working on the week 9 learning path for this course!! Between multiple assignments being due on the same day, stressing about professional placement (which I only just found out about 4 days ago…..and I start in under a week), coming down with the flu and having my son sick resulting in an emergency hospital trip…lets just say I am ready to curl up in a ball and sleep for a million years! I must say I am super relieved to know that I only have 3 more assignments to knock over and that is Semester 1, 2015 finished for me!!! Once this semester is finished I will be be rewarding myself with some well deserved early nights and catching up on a book or two that has absolutely nothing to do with uni……then I will have to start packing my house up ready to move, which will be happening a week into the start of Semester 2……another rolling start….

Another assignment bites the dust!!!

A massive sigh of relief as I hit the submit button this afternoon……once submitted the instant second guessing begins….I do it every time I submit an assignment and I don’t know why, majority of the time I spend three weeks stressing over an assignment that I nailed….fingers crossed I was on the right track with this one. The end of semester is slowly creeping up, can’t believe that in under two weeks we will have just finished out first day of our three day prac….exciting times ahead…

Now to catch up on last weeks study for 3 subjects, submit one more assignment and start another 3! Crazy, hectic finale coming up to finish off the semester. Good luck to those of you still finishing off your assignments.

Hitting the home stretch…..

Finally I can start to breathe again!!!! Have hit the homestretch for my assignment with just the Justification to polish off, a quick review of everything the submitting. Whilst flicking through some blogs before I came across Steve’s blog post ‘Check, check, check again’. I too like to check my assignment over numerous times before submitting for plagiarism. In his blog Steve included a link to an online, free plagiarism checker. How fantastic is this!! I know we have access to Turn-it-in, however I had never thought to look online for a plagiarism checker. I have no pinned this to my browser for later reference with other assignments. I will definitely be running my Essay section for Assignment 2 through this site.

Here is the link: 

Hope you are all coming close to either completing your assignment and submitting it like I am or you have already submitted. One less assignment to go 🙂

Procrastinating…yet again

Procrastinating…..why do we do it? why is it such a struggle sometimes to just focus on the tasks that need to be completed and put everything aside? I have found myself procrastinating so badly over the last couple of days, I get myself all psyched up for study and working on assessments then there is an issue with the web browser or the study desk and before I know it I have spent the last 2 hours looking at ridiculous memes on Facebook or watching YouTube videos (that kind of relate to my assignment and ICTs), however I find that this time could have been used in a more productive manner. So I started searching on google ways to stop procrastinating and found a blog that discusses 5 Techniques For Overcoming Procrastination . I found this to be really helpful and have decided I am going to write this down and place in on the wall in my study area and really try to implement these techniques to overcome procrastination. Maybe it is just the fact that this Assignment is due in under 24 hours and the stress is starting to kick in………..

The hardest quiz on assessment……

Well I must say I was shocked when reading the percentages for this quiz stating that between 73% and 82% of students get this question wrong. My stomach knotted up, dreading the question that was to follow, was it really that hard? What could the question possibly be…all these questions racing through my thoughts. I took a deep breath and started the quiz. The question appears to be fairly straight forward…however with those percentages rolling around in my head I knew I needed to think about it and see the answer in a different way. I had to try and think about how a student would answer this question. I sat on the question for about 2 minutes really studying the coloured blocks in front of me and figured I would give ‘green’ a go…..if it was wrong it was wrong….if not then awesome! Clicked on submit and finish…..turns out green was the correct answer!! I chose my answer based on the visual side of things….it appeared to look bigger…even though the written measurements tell you differently. I went onto watch the recommended YouTube video and really enjoyed it. It is well worth the watch.

Playing around on YouTube and I found this short clip about Assessing 21st Century Skills, I actually enjoyed watching it and seeing the possibilities of using Powtoon to create animated videos. When I have some spare time I wouldn’t mind having a fiddle with Powtoon and seeing what I can create.